About Me


My Name is :-

Peter Goddard

I am 80 years old.

I am now a Widower, and I have 2 daughters; 1 grandson and 1 Great Grand  Daughter.

I live on the South Coast.

I have two dogs, 1 Miniature Dachshund, [with 3 legs], & 1 Cocker Spanial.

My hobby is:-

Meccano.     I am now a member of 6 Meccano Clubs/Societies, and like going to Club Meetings, and Meccano Exhibitions.  I also enjoy constructing Scale models  of Old Cranes, especially if someone else has done the research, and supplied the information, then I can sort out the fine detail, and attempt to produce a working scale copy !!

My Meccano Photo Gallery

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I could not have produced the Meccano Models, shown in this Web Site, without the assitance of Sydney crane historian, Bruce Ward, [Deceased].  Bruce would often tempt me with information about and/or photographs of  a new interesting prototype crane or other historical machinery until I “bite”.  Once a project is agreed Bruce provided background information, and hopefully the factory drawings which I prefer to work from to ensure mechanical and dimensional accuracy.  Bruce would also select a “Team of Experts” on the subject, who would sit on the e-mail sidelines, adding suggestions/advice as required.

Sometimes months of technical discussion and trial work-ups take place before the final model is completed.  Once Photographs have been taken and sent to Australia, Bruce would then produce a “Write up”, containing an overview of the machine and Reference Material.

Since Bruce Died, I have continued to Construct Steam ‘Type’ models with the Assistance of some members of his teams!

Information about other large steam crane models built by me earlier, can be found in “Everything About Peter Goddard’s Blocksetting Cranes” produced by the late Paul Joachim, with research by Julian Head, published by the West London Meccano Society, and available from MW Models.

Bruce Ward